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Niklaus Mikaelson x reader Part 1
Niklaus Mikaelson & Reader Part 1
I've been looking for someone a bloodline my family bloodline every time I get close to finding them I lose them again the last I heard was my bloodline was dead so I stopped looking.
I've made friends over the last few hundred years and a very dear friend of mine Eliana a powerful witch told me there was someone of my bloodline living in Mystic Falls so I travel there and met with some complications by the name of the Salvatore brothers they refuse to tell me anything at first let's just say when I don't get what I want I get very angry and once I got angry they were all too willing to tell me everything I wanted to know well one of them was considering I ripped the other one's tongue out until they talked. they told me the girl I was looking for was in New Orleans so here I was on the road to New Orleans. I knew her name as Andrea Labonair but the Salvatore brother's told me her name was Hayley Marshall and that she live's with a powerfully family of
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Dean Winchester x Fem reader The Devil in her P2
Part Two
that's a long story.
(y/n) POV
I felt my body being picked up and carried the warmth from their chest was calming. He carried me for quite some time after a while I hear a voice echo in the distance I couldn't make out the words. the person holding me chested vibrated as they spoke back I felt a warm on my face as they came to cease. I slowly  opened my eyes for the first time in centuries my vision was blurry I could barely make anything out just shapes and colours I felt my  powers awaken as my eyes changed burning a bright cobalt blue as my vision cleared up I locked eyes with someone in front of me they had bright green eyes I tried to speak but nothing came out of my mouth. the green eye person started to speak but I fell unconscious before I could hear all they had to say.
Dean POV
Castiel alakazam us all back to Bobby's house I take the girl down to Bobby's panic room lying her on the bed "who are you?" I said gently caressed her cheek before I walked out shut
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Dean Winchester x Fem reader The Devil in her P1
The devil in her
Part one
What is hell?.
Darkness and silence is all that I remember for years at first my tomb was cold and lonely but now I don't even know what that feels like at first I blame him god our creator and his feathered minions but now I see whose fault it was my father's he was the one that fell and condemned me to a life of misery coldness and loneliness. I thought I would never see the light of day again but that changed when i met him.
Dean's POV
I took swig of my beer before turning my attention back to Cas "what are you doing here Cas" Cas tilted his head sideways a confused look on his face "is it not custom to say hello first" i rolled his eyes at this comment "hiya Cas ya happy now?" he narrowed his eyes at me "hello Dean I need your help" Sam who had been sitting just off to my left finally spoke "I think we've done enough favours for you Cas" this time the Angel turn his gaze to Sam "that's true Sam but this Favour could help you defeat Lucifer" i stood up from
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wow a meme
im hip with th youtubes 
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Friends after all - Dean x Reader - Chapter 3
Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 3
You longed to that day more than you thought you ever would. You wanted to laugh at the irony. Back then when it had all happened you never thought you'd come to this, wishing for you relive that night, while Dean would be away and you would feel the worst of all feelings crawling up your chest and slowly eating your heart. Jealousy.
Who would have ever thought that after all this time you'd come to this. You wanted to both laugh and cry at the thought of it. The idea of you going insane had crossed your mind but then again that's how being in love was, wasn't it? All of your feelings would be hightened and at the same time mixed up. You'd be unable to tell one from the other apart as you'd be unable to control yourself in front of him.
You let out a sigh as you thought back to that time, a small smile on your lips as it was your first meeting with Dean. You still remembered it with every little detail. Maybe because that
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Friends after all - Dean x Reader - Chapter 1
Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 1
You let out a soft sigh as you snuggled more with your blanket, a bowl with pop-corn resting on your lap as you took the TV remote-control in your hand and pressed play for the movie to start playing. Friday night meant movie night for you and that was one of the best things in your basically crappy life. You could not say you hated it but it was not the best either. You had moved into your house a long while ago and you were lucky to have found a job rather quickly. It was not anything special, just working as a waitress at the local restaurant. It was not really big but it had its usual customers coming in almost every day so that meant that it kept working well and you got paid in your time.
Sure the payment was not something to brag about but it managed to help you get by and that was the important. Besides, you liked living in this place. You were actually looking for a way to get away from your old house- sure you lo
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Kidnapped fem reader x SPN part 4
Kidnapped fem reader x SPN part 4
Warnings: language and some ruff scenes
It's finally here!
Sam stepped back holding an arm protectively infront of you the gun in his hand happened to be the only one in the house that was empty. "Don't look so happy to see me loves." Crowley said with a curt nod towards you both. Sam's heavy breathing and your small whines brought Crowley to step back. A sudden bang on the door startled the two of you.
"So help me Crowley I will murder you if you don't let them go! You selfish son of a bitch let my babies go!" His voice caught, he was crying. "Please..." he yelled. Crowley looked up in surprise his mortal enemy just said please.
"I came to apologize." He said. "But I don't want to stop fucking the either of you just yet. But I'm giving (y/n) two weeks. If there is no baby by then I may or may not take you both back. Maybe. But for now I'm letting you wait."
"What if I am pregnant?" You ask your (e/c) orbs were wide. "What will you do then?"
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Happy New Years! Supernatural x reader
Supernatural x reader
New Years Party
It wasn't much, a new year.
Mostly it brought some fear and a little sadness knowing you'd all have to go into the new year unprepared for whatever would come your way. But having the boys around you made you feel safer. Even Lucifer.
Gabriel had insisted on having a New Years party. He wanted to see the ball drop and to make it even better Crowley popped you all into a 5 star hotel room right next to the dropping ball in New York. "I know it's not exactly what you were looking for but I..thought since none of us have much of a time zone we could come here."
"It's perfect." You said. Gabe was busy ordering everything he thought would be even remotely good if the menu while Sam and Dean pulled open the curtains. In front of all of you was the ball, the party going on below and people. "This is going to be awesome!" You shouted happily. The boys all knew you loved parties when you didn't hunt you were a big party girl.
All the boys set up cha
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SPN x Reader: Walk The Line Part 2
“I thought I’d made it clear we have a no abduction policy”

My head was throbbing with pain and I tried remembering what happened. I touched the spot to find a small lump on the back of my head. That's going to be there for awhile
“She wasn’t cooperating.” The two voices sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. “What did you expect me to do?”
I slowly opened my eyes to a pair of beautiful electric blue eyes staring at me. Without thinking, instinct kicked in and I punched the owner hard, hitting his nose dead-on.
Whoever it was had moved down to hold his face and I saw the door leading outside to the- Why am I at the motel? Screw this I need to get out. I ran for the door but a pair of arms held my waist and lifted me up with ease. I tried to struggle but all I could do was kick my legs violently. If I was going to get kidnapped, I wasn’t going to go down without a f
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So i've been on deviantART before but decided to make a new account for my fanfic.

#DeviantART is life

I sold my soul to: Supernatural, Marvel, , Harry Potter, the lord of the rings, the originals, the vampire diaries, the walking dead,flash,NCIS lots more

My celebrity crush Jensen Ackles and Joseph Morgan AKA Dean Winchester and Niklaus Mikaelson


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